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NASCAR Babes - Behind The Scene's The Women of NASCAR by Terry Passone

There are many NASCAR Babes at the NASCAR races or "Race Chicks" as they are frequently called at all the Sprint cup races. I am sure you have seen some there. You just have to know where to look.

There are actually trailers at the NASCAR races that sell Race chick apparel like hats and shirts as well as other trailers that sell  NASCAR apparel.

Females watching NASCAR is up 19% as more and more women are finding that watching NASCAR is just as exciting for them as it is their husbands or boyfriends. Women who don't exactly fit the mold of NASCAR's traditional fans are starting to see handsome well spoken drivers like Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson and Dale Earnhardt jr. and take notice of them and become a fan or a NASCAR Babe as we have heard them called.

If you thought this article was going to show pictures of the NASCAR babes that are shown in the winner's circle every week I am afraid you are in the wrong place. There are many NASCAR babes but the ones we are focusing on here are some of the NASCAR babes from behind the scenes.

Top Women In NASCAR

For instance there is Lesa France Kennedy she is the president of the International Speedway corporation that owns 12 of the NASCAR tracks. Her grandfather, father, and brother have been with NASCAR since its inception. She has seen the behind the scenes workings of NASCAR since way back when.

There is pit reporter Danielle Frye who works for Motor Racing Network radio. Danielle has been on the job for over 10 years and has loved NASCAR since she was only 13 years old. She knew very young that she wanted a job in NASCAR.

Then you have team owner Beth Ann Morgenthau who with her husband own BAM racing. She moved to Florida at a young age and lived right near a track and has been hooked ever since.

One of her employees is also a NASCAR babe and that would be Angie Mesimer who is the only female over the wall pit crew member. Angie joined the pit crew team about four years ago and also works in the shop doing fabrication work.

There are some women NASCAR drivers coming up through the ranks. Here is a short list:

  • Chrissy Wallace started a truck race march 29th 2008. She is the daughter of Mike Wallace, the neice of Kenny Wallace. She finished 17th and is going to run 5 truck races and some Arca races also.
  • Erin Crocker who has been in NASCAR's diversity program for a bit and is currently racing in the Busch Series and doing well. She is also driving in the NASCAR truck series this year.
  • Becca Anderson who is currently driving sprint cars who has 13 wins.
  • Jessica Brannam who is a young racer and one of the ones to watch in the future.
  • Allison Duncan she is competing in the Dodge weekly series.
  • Jenny White she has tremendous potential as well.
  • Danica Patrick she is making the jump from Indy cars to stock cars. She is racing in the Nationwide series and doing some Sprint Cup races also.

There are more and more NASCAR babes than we have time to mention here so that means you will just have to tune into NASCAR to see more of them. NASCAR should be showing more NASCAR babes or women behind the scenes than just showing the drivers wives all the time although they are all NASCAR babes as well.

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Terry Passone -

Terry is from Georgia and she knows her NASCAR. She has been a fan for years as well as a fan of the late Dale Earnhardt.  She now writes articles for us here at as well as other major sports websites. Terry is in the middle of setting up her own web blog. When it gets done we will post a link here and yes she is a NASCAR Babe too.


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