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NFL Cheerleaders , They Work Harder Than Some Football Players by Vince Falcone

NFL cheerleaders have probably a harder job than even some of the football players have. Now we know you will say how can that be. Well they have to practice, Learn new dance routines, as well as make community appearances. This is all besides them having other regular jobs.

Some NFL teams don't have cheerleaders

What comes as a surprise is that not every NFL team has cheerleaders. For instance the New York Jets and the New York Giants don't have cheerleaders. I often wondered why it was that the two teams in the largest market would not have NFL cheerleaders.

One day we were at the Meadowlands watching a New York Giants-St Louis Rams game when we were lucky enough to be sitting next to some Ram cheerleaders that were in town for a photo shoot. I asked them why the New York teams had no cheerleaders and they told us that there was simply no room for them on the sidelines. I don't know if that's the real reason but it sounded good to me.

Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders

We all know the history of the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders so we wont focus this article on that subject, but we do have to thank them for taking NFL cheerleaders to the mainstream. In the 70's and 80's they were so famous they even did television, remember they were even on the Love Boat. It seemed like they were everywhere, but hey I am not complaining and neither is any other man that is reading this. 

I like some of the names that the NFL teams have for their cheerleading squads. Some are quite cute.

  • Buffalo Jills
  • Carolina Top Cats
  • Cincinnati Ben-Gals
  • San Diego Charger Girls
  • San Francisco 49 Gold Rush
  • Washington Redskin Redskinettes

Atlanta Falcon Cheerleaders

My favorite team is the Atlanta Falcons so it comes as no surprise that the Atlanta Falcons cheerleaders are my favorite. These ladies really work hard for our enjoyment. I can only imagine how many hours it takes to prepare for all the choreography to get that perfect.

Being a season ticket holder (shout out to section 123) and watching the cheerleaders for some time I can tell you these ladies must sleep good after a game. I get tired myself from watching them perform.

The Falcons have a place outside the Georgia Dome called Falcon's landing where the cheerleaders sign autographs and pose for pictures with the fans (Thanks again!) for hours before the game.

Then they go inside and cheer as the team makes their way onto the field before performing for another few hours while the game is going on.  These ladies don't stop when the players do for commercials they are dancing with either the house band or the DJ. 

Oh and I forgot they are usually performing with the halftime show as well. Like I said it must be exhausting as I am sure it is for all the NFL teams cheerleaders. Add to that all the community service these ladies do during the week and you have some tough job.

The Falcon cheerleaders also spend with the junior Falcon cheerleaders. Being an NFL cheerleader is a tough job but I am glad they have them. I myself would like to thank you Falcon cheerleaders for all your tough work.

My favorite Falcon cheerleaders are Jennifer and Jamie the Cramer Twins.

If any Falcon cheerleader or a NFL cheerleader would like to add something to this article please send us an email as I am sure I am leaving out  some things.

About The Author

Vince Falcone is an Atlanta Falcon season ticket holder and our expert on cheerleaders or so he likes to think (we think otherwise) you can read more of his articles on

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