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NFL Mock Draft - NFL football teams fans know who to pick by Vince Falcone

Figuring out an NFL mock draft is one of the things that NFL fans just love to do. The fans know their football teams almost as good as they know their own family. When it comes time to pick in the draft they think they know what is best for their favorite football team.

ESPN : The Mock Draft Experts

The sportscasters on ESPN claim to be experts and for the most part they are. The one thing that they don't take into account is how the teams meetings with the players went. Sure they can pick the top players in the draft and they do a very good job at it and I would like to thank them for doing such a great job on the NFL mock draft.

Mel Kiper JR

Mel Kiper Jr is probably the best person on the planet at picking selections on the NFL draft and most of the time he is right on the money for what the football teams need. If the NFL team picks the wrong player it is not his fault.  He can't help it if the coaches of the football team doesn't listen to him.

If he says that a linebacker from Nebraska should be the next pick he is probably right and when the team takes a wide receiver from Purdue he is fun to watch on television.  Being an Atlanta Falcon fan I have seen this many times. Just a few years ago the Falcons had a need for a defensive lineman and offensive lineman but when the Falcons chose to pick the best available player it was running back T.J. Duckett that was on the board.

This selection surprised many NFL mock draft experts. It surprised the fans also since the Atlanta Falcons had just signed running back Warrick Dunn for a lot of money in the off season. The NFL rumors on some of the chat rooms were quite funny, they even had the Falcons trading both running backs for a whole offensive line. The Falcons knew what they were doing all along. The DVD running back's were doing a great job in 2004. (Dunn, Vick, Duckett) Now it is 2008 and the Falcons still need offensive line help.

NFL Draft Day

Every true football fan loves the NFL draft but watching it on television could be a pain when your team doesn't fill a need. What happens is you sit in front of the television for weeks watching the NFL mock draft experts and they tell you who each team is going to pick or who should draft.

Then there is a rumor of a draft day trade to screw up their thinking or a team picks someone they weren't planning on drafting and it throws your thinking off. What happened in the few weeks leading up to the draft is You have become an expert at the NFL mock draft. 

Of course the plans can get all screwed up when you start watching the NFL combine from Indianapolis. With the extensive coverage from the NFL network you get a chance to see how your choices are working out prior to the draft.

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Vince Falcone writes for us at  He is our expert on the business side of sports.

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