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NHL Hockey, How Did Hockey Start by Frank Sanders

NHL Hockey as we know it has been around for ages, although not in it's current form. From the little we know about the origins of hockey it is widely believed that it was started in Europe. In northern Europe where the ice frequently covers the lakes and ponds it was not an uncommon site to see a hockey game being played on it. Hence the term "ICE HOCKEY" was born.

When immigrants first came over to North America they brought the game of hockey with them. The first hockey game is believed to be played in Canada near Ontario around 1870 or so. It would be a long while until the NHL as we know it was to be born. There was a few leagues that formed in the united states as well as Canada but they soon ran out of money and folded.

The NHL as we know it today was started right after World War 1 and at that time only featured 5 teams the Montreal Canadians, the Toronto Arenas, the Ottawa Senators, the Quebec Bulldogs, and the Montreal Wanderers. This is a far cry from what the NHL is today as it has two conferences and many divisions.

Here is the current NHL Teams.

NHL EASTERN CONFERENCE is divided among three divisions the Atlantic Division, Northeast Division, and the Southeast Division. The NHL teams in this Conference are 
New Jersey Devils, Boston Bruins, Atlanta Thrashers,
New York Islanders, Buffalo Sabres, Carolina Hurricanes,
New York Rangers, Montreal Canadiens, Florida Panthers,
Philadelphia Flyers, Ottawa Senators, Tampa Bay Lightning,
Pittsburgh Penguins, Toronto Maple Leafs, and the  Washington Capitals

NHL WESTERN CONFERENCE has three divisions also, they are the Central Division, Northwest Division, and the Pacific Division. The Teams in these Divisions are  
Chicago Blackhawks, Calgary Flames, Anaheim Mighty Ducks,
Columbus Blue Jackets, Colorado Avalanche, Dallas Stars,
Detroit Red Wings, Edmonton Oilers, Los Angeles Kings,
Nashville Predators, Minnesota Wild, Phoenix Coyotes,
St. Louis Blues, Vancouver Canucks, and the San Jose Sharks

In the early history of the NHL many hockey players used very primitive hockey equipment as apposed to what they use in NHL games today. Shin guards and Goalie mask were things that were just seemed as unneeded at the time. Now every player has to wear a hockey helmet and the goalie has to wear a mask. The NHL popularity has taken off since the 1980 U.S.A. Olympic team and the most popular player "The Great One" Wayne Gretzky playing the best hockey we have ever seen and probably ever will see in the NHL.

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About The Author

Frank Sanders is a successful author and publisher of golf tips and Hockey.  A source for info and tips for the sports fan and reviews of the latest sports equipment.

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