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Nude Sports - Are There Any Nude Sports Stars? by Kenny Watkins 

Are their any nude sports? Many people have probably wondered if there was. After a little research the answer might be very surprising to some people. Believe it or not the term "nude sports" is one of the most searched terms on the internet. It is right behind "Nude sports babe" on the list. This should not be a surprise at all.

Many sports lend itself to nude sports. But many sports do not. Could you see nude ice skating catching on anytime soon. I would bet that if womens ice skating were to be performed in the nude it would be the most watched since Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan.

Many foreign countries actually have competitions where nudity is part of it. They actually know the names of the nude sports stars by name. Some of these sports are actually shown on TV. One sport that was was shown was tennis. You can see pics of sports stars in the nude in magazines.

Tennis lends itself to this kind of product. Another nude sport that seems to be gaining popularity is Nude Volleyball. Watching pretty women and handsome men play nude volleyball especially in the sand seems to draw huge crowds. hmmm I wonder why this is..

Some countries actually have nude teams who play their sport to raise money to be able to leave their country and pursue the sport of their choice. It is like a moneymaker for them. Nude sports seem to have a loyal following in foreign countries.

In America nude sports are not as popular as everywhere else. America does have nudist camps that sports are played in a regular setting among its campers. So nude sports will probably keep growing even though it isn't shown much on TV.

Society in the end will determine if any of this becomes this becomes a sport or just an oddity. I guess time will tell if nude sports has a future or will just die a slow death.

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About The Author

Kenneth Watkins is an avid college football fan as well as a successful sports author and regular contributor to A free service for people to find the best sports fan gift idea for the sports fan in their life.

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